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Helping Clients Meet the Challenges of Large-Scale Discovery 24/7

BLD provides document review solutions to law firms and corporations nationwide. Our services include: Legal Staffing, Project Management and Review Facilities.

Why BLD?

Experience. Our team of Recruiters and Project Managers consists of highly skilled and experienced, former legal practitioners who have managed and staffed document review projects, including litigation, M&A, government investigations, and antitrust matters.

Focus. We differentiate ourselves through our high quality work product, our 100% focus on document review, and our reputation for 100% transparency.

Quality Document Reviewers. We combine document review recruiting best practices with proprietary technology to carefully select the highest quality legal professionals who have the practice area, language, and review platform experience you require to maximize productivity and quality on your reviews.

Process, Technology, Facilities. We utilize a process-driven approach in each aspect of our services to maximize document review productivity and efficiency, including recruiting technology, training, dedicated review facilities designed and equipped for document reviews, and proven project management best practices.

Reliability and Cost Savings. Our clients include AmLaw 200 Law Firms and Fortune 500 legal departments, whose primary challenge is conducting a cost-effective review without sacrificing the quality of work product.

Certified CLE Provider. We continuously train our reviewers on relevant discovery issues to best optimize each reviewer's understanding of the discovery process and to familiarize them on changes to the discovery rules.

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News & Events

5/18/2017 - Dana Cosby was elected to serve as the Chair of the CLE Committee of the Charles W. Anderson Bar Association (Louisville, KY).

5/11/2017 - Dana Cosby was elected to serve as a 2017-2018 Officer-At-Large for the Corporate House Counsel Section for the Kentucky Bar Association.

4/21 – 4/22/2017 - For the 2017 Gateway to Success VI: Taking Your Career to the Next Level Conference (Louisville, KY), hosted by the Corporate Law Section of the National Bar Association, Dana Cosby served as a member of the Host Planning and CLE Committees.

3/15 – 3/17/2017 - Ki Hwang and Bob Roberts attend the annual Long Term Care Risk Forum in Las Vegas.

2/22/2017 - Dana Cosby presented “The 21st Century Legal Workplace: LPM, NextLaw and the Gig Economy” at the MothersEsquire™ February Business Development Series luncheon, sponsored by BLD.

12/08/2016 - BLD Sponsors the Ohio Women’s Bar Association New Admittee Reception.

6/09/2016 – Bob Roberts and Dana Cosby present on Managed Review Best Practices during Fortune 500 client’s annual Outside Counsel Summit.

4/26/2016 – Bob Roberts attends Cincinnati eDiscovery Roundtable Meeting: Proportionality – The New Rules & Recent Cases

4/11/2016 – Bob Roberts provides guest lecture to University of Cincinnati College of Law eDiscovery Class.

3/09 – 3/11/2016 – Ki Hwang and Bob Roberts attend the annual Long Term Care Risk Forum in Las Vegas

12/3/2015 - BLD Sponsors the Ohio Women’s Bar Association New Lawyer Celebration.

10/22/2015 - Jason Hager attends Frantz Ward's Litigation Panel Series.

7/16/2015 - Andy Trout attends the Association of Corporate Counsel event “Don’t Get Burned: Allocating Risk in Contracts” – Sponsored by Northeast Ohio Chapter of ACC and Thompson Hine LLP.

3/19/2015 - Jason Hager and Andy Trout attend the Association of Corporate Counsel event “Conducting Effective Internal Investigations” – Sponsored by Frantz Ward LLP.

2/20/2015 - Andrew Trout Attends Cleveland eDiscovery Roundtable Conference - Electronic Discovery and Pending Changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure - Co-sponsored by Eaton Corporation and the Cleveland eDiscovery Roundtable.

2/19/2015 - Jason Hager and Andy Trout attend the Association of Corporate Counsel Event "Practical Cybersecurity, Translating Legal Requirements Into Business Decisions"

12/9/2014 – BLD Sponsors the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association New Lawyer Celebration.

11/20/2014 – Bob Roberts speaks on Managed Review Best Practices as part of Lexbe eDiscovery Webinar Series.

11/6-9/2014 – Amy Kang Attends 2014 NAPABA Annual Convention

10/10/2014 – Amy Kang Attends APABA-SV 29th Annual Scholarship and Commitment to Diversity Awards Banquet

10/20-21/14 - BLD Attends CMCP's 25th Anniversary Business Conference

10/2-5/14 - Amy Kang Attends The 22nd Annual Conference of IAKL

9/26/14 - BLD Sponsors KABANC 2014 Annual Dinner Gala

8/18/14 - BLD Sponsors Inaugural Corporate Law Department Day at ILTA's 37th Annual Educational Conference

6/11/14 - Jason Hager Attends the Jam for Justice Sponsored by the Legal Aid Society of Cleveland

5/22/14 - BLD Sponsors the CMBA and NEOACCA Event "Greet the Judges and GCs"

5/15/14 - Jason Hager Attends NEOACCA Seminar "Electronic Discovery in Employment Cases"

4/30/14 - BLD Sponsors Membership Appreciation Event for the Southwestern Ohio Chapter of the ACC

4/29/14 - BLD Sponsors ILTA Columbus Area Event, Best Practices for Managed Review and Legal Project Management

4/20/14 - Jason Hager Attends NEOACCA Seminar "Tweets, Trolls & Trade Secrets - Protecting Your IP in a Digital Age"

3/28/14 - Amy Kang Attends Asian Law Alliance 37th Anniversary Dinner

3/20/14 - Jason Hager Attends NEOACCA Seminar Litigating in the "Brave New World" - Remedying Cyberattacks and Data Breaches

3/14/14 - Ki Hwang Attends AABA's 37th Annual Installation Dinner

3/13/14 - BLD Attends Silicon Valley Business Journal Corporate Counsel Awards

2/28/14 - Amy Kang Attends BALIF's 34th Annual Gala

2/27/14 - Amy Kang and Angela Avila-Brown Attend Santa Clara Law's 10th Annual Diversity Gala and Inaugural Diversity and Inclusion Summit

2/22/14 - Ki Hwang Speaks at AABA Pre-Law Conference at Golden Gate University School of Law

2/20/14 - Jason Hager Attends NEOACCA Event - Protecting the Corporate Privilege, Unique Attorney-Client Privilege and Work-Product Doctrine Challenges Facing In-House Counsel at Frantz Ward LLP

1/31/14 - BLD Renews its Membership with CMCP

1/27/14 - Angela Avila-Brown Joins BLD as Discovery Consultant in San Francisco

1/16/14 - Jason Hager Attends NEOACCA Event - Executive Compensation & Governance: Trends, Developments & Hot Topics

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